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Mike Scott

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I work with all kinds of brands and businesses. Sometimes a client needs a big idea. Sometimes it’s about crafting clean, timeless symbols and logos. Other times, what’s needed is a coherent but flexible identity system. Each is connected. We don’t necessarily need to make too much of a distinction between the practices of creative strategy, writing, and visual design. It’s problem solving, whether the tool is words, speech, shapes, or ideas.

Originally from Widnes in the north-west of England, I studied my foundation degree in Liverpool before moving to London where I graduated from Central St Martins in 2006. After that, I interned at a couple of East London design studios and won commissions for clients including Harvey Nichols Oxo Tower and shoe designer Beatrix Ong MBE. In 2007 I was hired by a Hackney design studio to lead branding, print and digital projects. After seven years I left to set up MGS and work directly with my own clients, as well as consulting at many of London’s branding agencies. I’m currently Associate Creative Director at Siegel+Gale in London, leading creative accounts for various clients, from FMCG to corporate, finance and the arts.

My work has been featured in Brand New, D&AD, Design Week and BP&O, and published in CounterPrint’s series of design compendiums Alphabet Logo.

Direct clients—
CoreMSK, Sweet Tooth Tours, Rare Bird, Studio Ageli architects, Hiro Talent, Nataša Bertalanič, Syntax, Michele Panzeri, Studio Smith, Afy Nou, Harvey Nichols Oxo Tower, Liptrot Illustration, Proudly Ibiza, Beatrix Ong, William Cotterill.

Agency clients—
Adidas, American Express, ALJ, Allianz, GAM, Lombard, Nestlé, O2, Sainsbury’s, Sandaire, Savills, Seabury, Zurich.

Siegel+Gale, Lambie Nairn, Fitch, FutureBrand, Philosophy, Salter Baxter, Vivid Brand, Igloo, Madano, Calling Brands.

Each project on this website is approved design work by its respective client and represents a paid project with a thorough design process from audit and briefing to exploration and delivery.